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Paul Purday is a full-time professional watercolour artist, and has developed his own unique style of landscape paintings, described as the 'romantic landscape'.  His paintings are outstanding, and show his intense love of the countryside, conveying through your own imagination, that deep sense of mystery which exists in the British landscape.  Paul has also written a recently published fantasy book called The Two Lands.

A selection of Paul's landscape paintings can be seen in the gallery, examples of his work that should ideally be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated.  Some of these paintings have already been sold, but Paul will paint similar images to those shown on request.  He also likes to work to individual requirements, either from photographs or on-location.

If you like what you see, you can commission Paul to undertake a unique landscape painting just for you. If you're looking for something other than a landscape painting, Paul also undertakes house portraits, other buildings (eg churches) as well as cars, boats, planes and pet portraits.