Paul Purday Paul lives in Kent and has been a full-time professional artist since 1987.  He started painting in watercolour seriously in 1979.  He is also a life-long writer of poetry and author of a recently published fantasy book called The Two Lands.  He has an intense love of the countryside, and has developed a style depicting what has been described as romantic landscape.  He seeks to convey mainly through imagination, memory and the spontaneous effects of the "wet-in-wet" watercolour technique, that sense of mystery which exists in the mists and moods of nature as seen in the British landscape.  Indeed it is the mist of the landscape that is the signature and hallmark of his paintings.  He is primarily a painter of space, light and water, but often also focuses on foreground foliage to provide a contrast to the sense of atmosphere.

He has received the Bronze Prize in a watercolour painting competition in Japan out of more than two thousand entrants, and has paintings in private collections worldwide.

He has undertaken many important commissions and regularly demonstrates his technique to Art Societies.  He also has a 98 minute teaching video and DVD which covers the "wet-in-wet" techniques in two complete paintings.